No original manuscript, or portion of a manuscript, exists for what is now called the "Direct Lineage Account." Only fragments of this account remain in the form of quotations. It is believed the original text, now lost, was one of the oldest - and therefore most accurate - accounts of the Nomadic Period Xhadouk lineage. However, because only citations of this account remain, the information is uncertain, and different quotations of this source provide different year totals or even different name orderings.

The text below is the account believed to have been examined by Faraset ra Renazhiq.

Full Text: English Translation Edit

Ra’Xedou Sataar ruled first with Shuraa Xedoshurah for forty-five years.

Sataar became sovereign at forty and ruled thirteen years.

His son Sataar became sovereign at twenty-one and ruled for fifty years.

His granddaughter and relation Raqxedou and Daqxedou ruled forty-seven years together, starting when Daqxedou was thirty-one.

After their deaths Xhedou ruled for ten years, who was so named to honor Sataar the first Shusixedou.

After Xhedou grandson of Shiele, then ruled Shuerafa for forty-one years, and then his grandson Xedou, who was thirty-three years of age.

After Xedou ruled twenty-five years, his grandson Raentar became sovereign of the Western Peaks. These are the first ten rulers of the Shusixedou.