Faraset ra Zhokur (NS 1020 - 1062, age 42) is the General of the Western Peaks.

Appearance Edit


Zhokur is of average appearance, though his facial expressions are generally pleasant, making him easy to connect with at a first meeting. He has a strong jaw, rectangular face, large rectangular ears, and well-set eyebrows. His hair has grayed prematurely early, so that it is completely gray by his forties. This is probably caused by genetics, given as the Faraset family line has a history of premature gray hair, though Faraset's use of magic may also have contributed to the decoloration. Zhokur keeps his hair trimmed short and face shaved, though he often sports a notable amount of stubble along his jaw and neck.

Zhokur's left eye is brown while his right eye is a milky blue. This is a common sign of magic users who have tapped their body to the brink. The decoloration of his white eye is a result of his perpetual, hard use of water and ice magic in battle.

Zhokur is of average height. He holds himself with a straight posture that is simultaneously relaxed and confident.

Zhokur tends to wear practical clothing rather than elaborate, though his clothes are sturdy and well-made. He tends to wear a simple scarf around his neck, several belts or harnesses to hold his equipment and strap him appropriately to his cockatrice saddle, and a leather jacket for protection and warmth.

History Edit

Family Edit

Zhokur was born in Taranvor, a member of the high nobility which has a long, extensive family line. His family is known for serving close to the Xhadouk Sovereignty, especially as warriors and generals, though others in the Faraset family have become well-known as historians and judges.

Early life Edit

Zhokur was taught from a young age in the art of history and war, trained to become an adept warrior and war leader.