Mammals Edit

Wild mammals include the ibex, blue sheep, wild ass, yak, snow leopard, red fox, wolf, mountain weasel, stone marten, and several species of voles, pikas, and hares.

Avians Edit

Birds Edit

About two hundred different bird species live within the Western Peaks, including several snowcock species, snow partridges, quail, several species of geese, ducks, and mallards, kestrels, shrikes, the peregrine falcon, the saker falcon, the dark-throated and dusky thruses, choughs, the black-billed magpie, short-toed larks, wagtails, several species of snowfinches and rosefinches, multiple species of vultures, griffons, the golden eagle, and spotted eagles.

Cockatrices Edit

Perhaps the most well-known creature of the Western Peaks is the cockatrice, of which there are five recognized species: the white cockatrice, saddle cockatrice, gray cockatrice, lesser cockatrice, and blue cockatrice:

  • The white cockatrice (hurrda hlan, hlana, hurrda hihlan) is a very large, white-feathered cockatrice common within the Western Peaks. It is the largest of the five species and is frequently ridden by the upper class and military of Vahim Regaad.
  • The saddle cockatrice (hurrda shen, shena) is the most common species of cockatrice, gray to white in color, and the most frequently domesticated and ridden.
  • The gray cockatrice (hurrda doun, douna, doun) is a gray cockatrice, somewhat smaller and scragglier.  It lives in the eastern regions of Vahim Regaad, and is more commonly raised and bred in Qa Temu and Port Karum.
  • The lesser cockatrice (hurrda lot) is a small, lithe, fast-flying cockatrice. These scavengers, though slightly too small to be ridden by humans, have been used to carry messages between cities.
  • The blue cockatrice (hurrda hlien, hlien) are the smallest of the cockatrices, and blue-grayish in color. These cockatrices live within the Eastern Peaks, Khantou, and the Xhisaan River Delta near Port Karum.

Reptiles Edit

There are not many reptiles within this region. A few snakes do live within the southern region of Vahim Regaad, as well as within the Desert of Zhataen.