Hlenis ro Sengur Rashurr is the bodyguard of Tiy Xhadouk ra Garet Rangar.

Appearance Edit


Sengur is a teenager. He is skinny, of average height, with an undertone muscle build. He has thick near-black hair which he wears just below his eyebrows. This hair length allows him to hide the slight cave-in he has on his skull on the left side, as well as a lazy eye on the same side. Sengur's eyes are an unusual bright amber, though they become slightly milky due to his injuries in the rebellion. He has a crescent moon shaped scar around the outside of his right eye and a jagged, raised scar on his cheek on that same side.

Sengur's skin is the deep red-brown of the Taran people. His cheeks are covered over in lighter splotches and darker freckles.

History Edit

Family Edit

Sengur marries Shaa Hlenis Donaz ra Valuun. He and Valuun adopt no children of their own, though Sengur finds himself acting as a very reluctant relation to the Xhadouk family children and grandchildren.

Childhood Edit

Sengur grew up in Port Karum.