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Information about the Taran and everything for THE BOOK.

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Characters All the characters who actually appear in the book. A subset of "people."

Culture Details of the culture of the people in the Western Peaks - their traditions, their lives, their foods, their musics, their crafts, their technologies, and more. This broad category also includes information about places, geography, flora, fauna, and other landscape features which have been relevant to the development of Western Peaks culture.

History The history of the Taran people, from antiquity to the present.

People The people of the Vahim Regaad and surrounding countries. Also includes non-human individuals like demons, goddesses, and gods.

Primary Sources Written Taran records, including both the writing in its original language and an English translation.

Taran Dictionary A dictionary of the Taran language. Also contains etymological information about each word and sample glosses and conjugations.

Taran Linguistics Details on the Taran language structure.

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