Shaa Xhadouk Vilot da Mera (NS 1036-) is the wife of the current Sovereign of the Western Peaks, Tiy Xhadouk ra Garet Rangar.

Appearance Edit

Twenty-six year old Mera is short, plump, and squat, but somehow always holds herself in a regal manner that makes her look like she is staring everyone down. She has black, curly hair which bounces around her shoulders Mera has brown eyes and the dark brown complexion of Khantou natives. Her face is round, her body voluptuous, and her appearance as a whole beautiful.

Personality Edit

Mera is a peculiar combination of sassy and sweet. Enormously self-confident but not cocky, Mera presumes she will always have control over a situation, and with that overbearing assumption, almost always gets her way. Mera does not abide by others' ignorance, opinions, r decrees; she will always act as she wants to and will challenge anyone who attempts to stand against her. However, Mera can always be enormously humble, sympathetic, and encouraging to others.

Mera, overall intelligent, is especially incredibly socially perceptive. She is remarkably quick to pick up on peoples' emotions, even those she has only recently met. As a result, Mera is able to quickly sympathize with others - or, in the rare case she comes in true dangerous confrontation with another - manipulate them to her advantage.

History Edit

Family Edit

Mera is the daughter of a Khantou innkeeper. She is the second of four children, all girls.

Mera is the wife of Tiy Xhadouk ra Garet Rangar, whom she married when she was barely sixteen years old. She and Xhadouk have four children together: Rezhiq Sataar, Saagny Xhemi, Sinadar Sengur, and Sonaaq Haerin. Their oldest child is adopted, Shaa Xhadouk Saa da Saany.

Many years after Xhadouk's death, Mera marries Hlenis ra Valuur.