The Taranham account is an account of the Xhadouk lineage during the Nomadic Period. Incomplete scraps from scrolls exist from what appear to be very old copies, but the text in full is only reproduced in much later works, cited by other historians.

Full Text: English Translation Edit

The Taranham became a great nation when Taranvor blessed us.  He blessed us with Xedou, who was named Sataar, who saved his people during a great flood.  This is why the people are called the Taranham, because they serve Taranvor and the other gods; and this is why the people are called the Shusixedou, because ra’Xedou Sataar and his sovereignty lineage follow Taranvor.  The Taranham are also Zhrahaelem, Shenvezhehem, Xoukodom, Shaataham, descendants of the sovereignty established by Xedou, may the Xedou line continue forever, according to the will of the gods.  For ra’Xedou begat Shiela, Daqiy, Sufar, Shinqeh, and two Faraahadaq; Xhemi begat Shemiela, Souran, and Tanan; Sataar adopted Xhemi; Daqiy begat Sataar; Shinqeh became the grandmother of Shurrah Redouk, wife of ra’Xedou Sungamaar.  Sataar ruled after Rashurah da Shiela; Shiela ruled after Sataar; and the Xedou followed the craft of his father, Xedou, the first Shusixedou and dedicated Taranham.  This is why Sataar is called ra’Xedou Sataar the First.  And Sataar begat Renaq and Ratak; and Ratak begat Shure.  Sungamaar and Shurrah Redouk ruled jointly, then did Shuredouk and Xedoutarat; then did the grandchild of Ratak, who called himself ra’Xedout in honor of his lineage to the first Xedou.  And so it was that all the lineage named themselves Xedout, and the son of ra’Xedout who ruled was also named ra’Xedout.  Raentar ra’Xedout led the Xedouhum to an even greater rule, blessed by Hazhrahael, Xoukadi, Taranvor, and all the gods.