Xhadouk da Xhaelin Ravaan is the daughter of Xhadouk da Xhelirah and cousin of the current Sovereign of the Western Peaks, Tiy Xhadouk ra Garet Rangar.

Personality Edit

Xhaelin is eerily docile, remaining unperturbed in any situation. She acts sweet to the point it is suspicious, and indeed she is often working in covert operations for her mother Xhelirah.

Xhaelin's personality has mostly been washed away because of Xhelirah's magic on her. Her mother almost constantly uses magic on her daughter to control Xhaelin, experiment with her magic, and use her daughter as a puppet for her political machinations. Over time, Xhaelin has come to accept Xhelirah's control over her, and only rarely balks or questions her mother's command.