Xhadouk ra Shataar I, also called Xedou, ra'Xedou Shataar, or Sataar, was the first official Sovereign of the Taran lineage of the Western Peaks and founder of the Dynasty of a Thousand Years. The Taran tribe of antiquity called themselves the Shusixhedou, or the Xedouhum, in tribute to him.

Life Edit

Shataar was a member of a semi-nomadic tribe, perhaps called the Xadaaka or Xaadka, who lived in the far northern region of the Western Peaks. The people would settle in mountain regions for a few years at a time, survive off the land as they could, and then travel onward.

Legend states that the Shus hi'Xedou were in the middle of an arduous exodus, traveling east through the western peaks toward a lake, probably Teyranvol La'olo (Taranvor Lake). They were following along a tributary, one which has since then dried up. According to Early Sovereignty Period manuscripts, it was either called Houer Ra'olo Heyzi, "River of the Soul" or Houer La'olo Saduel, "River of the Sovereign." While the people were settling near the waters of Heyzi, rains poured down and began a terrible flash flood. While they scurried for higher ground to avoid the waters, most of their food - and some of their people - got caught near the waters and were submerged. A young man and promising warrior of their tribe valiantly charged down to save their supplies and trapped peoples. Xedou was struck by lightning in the process. Different legends state that Xedou was struck by lightning a different number of times; the historian Gheda Remiy lists the highest number at seventeen lightning strikes that night. Regardless of the number, the people took the event as a sign from the god Taalan/Teyranvol that Xedou was blessed. Xedou's popularity forced him into leadership, and the people henceforth called themselves Shus hi'Xedou, "Xedou's people." Some legends continue to state that Xedou received a new lightning strike every year on the anniversary of the event.

The Shusixedou continued traveling east until they reached a large lake. In honor of the god who had blessed their new leader, they named it "Teyranvol La'olo." In later years, at the end of the Nomadic Period, the area around Teyranvol La'olo would be settled and populated by the Xedouhum, founding the city Taranvor. Their tribe leader Xedou, meanwhile, is historically marked as the first Sovereign in the dynasty of Vahim Regaad. Once he began leader, some say he took upon himself the name "Shataar." Historically, he is known as ra'Xedou Shataar I.

Family Edit

Historical records differ in their account of Shataar's family.

Controversy Edit

Scholars have debated whether the first Sovereign of the nation, named only "Xedou" in some records, actually is the same individual as Shataar I. Some argue that Shataar I actually was the second Sovereign of the Xedouhum, and consequently not the individual struck by Taranvor's lightning.